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Radiation Oncology - Diagnostic QA Phantoms

Diagnostic QA Phantoms   
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                                 SBRT Phantom

The high dose per fraction associated with SBRT necessitates a high degree of accuracy in target localization and dose delivery. Small errors can result in significant under treatment of portions of the tumor volume and over dosages of nearby normal tissues. The E2E® SBRT Phantom provides a means to check the entire treatment chain during commissioning and routine QA.

The Model 036A‐CVXX‐xx* is an anthropomorphic thorax body containing articulated spine, ribs and lungs.
• All materials are suitable for use in kV and MV energies.
• Thorax with articulated spine, ribs and lungs
• Optional Abdomen with Gafchromic Film insert
• High Resolution Anthropomorphic Characterstics

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