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Klarity Duo Align™ AIO Baseplate

A complete solution for adaptable full-body placement

The Klarity Duo Align™ AIO Baseplate is a lightweight and adaptable positioning solution for head, neck, shoulder, thorax & pelvic placement. Made of strong and durable carbon fiber, the Duo Align™ System is fully indexable and compatible with both UFrame and OType masks. The baseplate can also be used with standard Silverman headrests, AccuCushions®, vacuum bags, and indexing bars. Flexible with three parts: (a) Otype AIO Overlay; (b) Overhead Arm Positioner; (c) Moveable KneeFix Set

Radiation Oncology Patient Positioning in India Klarity Cadet AIO Baseplate with SBRTR612-NCF

Overhead Arm Positioner

Traditionally most base plate are created for Europe and US, the difference in Asia body size has called for this design which is ideal for Asian Patients and small body size patients.

Movable KneeFix Set

• Moving Range 046cm
• Can be easily locked

Klarity O-Type AIO System: A Product with Many Solutions

• For Head & Neck Fixation
• For Head & Thorax Fixation
• For Pelvis Fixation
• Breast Fixation: Use Otype Lower Jaw Mask & Lower Waist Mask
• For Craniospinal Irradiation Whole Body Fixation: Use with Otype 5point Head & Shoulder Mask & Otype 4point Pelvic Mask