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                          Digital Water Bath

Digitally controlled (LED) water bath can accommodate
largest thermoplastic sheets up to Hip‐Pelvic of any brand. Microprocessor controlled temperature seting,
drainage valve, stainless steel construction are standard features.
▪ Complete Stainless Steel 304 construction, tank and exteriors
▪ Large enough to accommodate all bigger sheets of AIO Base Plate
▪ Digital ‘LED’ readout and microprocessor based temperature controls
▪ Metallicdrainage tap
Dimension: 35” (L) x 24” (W) x 10.5” (H) (Outer)
24” (L) x 20.5” (W) x 6.75” (D) (Inner)

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Tips for making a perfect mask

Adjust temperature using microprocessor based switch, to 70ºC. Set base plate on treatment  table with   suitable head rest.Position the patient on table. Place the precut into heated water until thermoplastic becomes completely transparent (about 3‐4 minutes). Lift the precut from water and quickly and gently shake off excess water. Centre the mask on body part. Tilting slightly downward, gently and quickly mold the thermoplastic to the contours of the patient’s body. As thermoplastic cools, it becomes rigid and returns to its original white colour. Do not remove the frame until it cools completely and rests on the patient for at least 5 minutes. Thermoplastic will shrink slightly during cooling process. Removing frame too soon may result in excess shrinkage and patient discomfort when refitting. If desired, treatment portals can be cut after the frame has hardened.

Themoplastic Warming

The 'Klarity' Oven
Themoplastic Warming Oven
• Safe, Dry Heat
• Simple Operation
• No Water, No Bacteria

Total Body Irradiation System

Designed to facilitates treatment of patients in a
standing but supported position. Accurate and safe
mounting of shielding blocks. Patient comfort is aided by
an adjustable bicycle seat. Lung blocks can be mounted
directly onto adjustable perforated acrylic sheet in the

A scatter screen can be placed in front of patient where
increased surface exposure is prescribed. An adjustable
holding bar is provided for enhanced stability.

Body Irradiation System