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Radiation Oncology - Diagnostic QA Phantoms

Diagnostic QA Phantoms   
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ATOM Dosimetry Verification Phantom(Whole Body Phantoms)
CIRS ATOM® phantoms are a full line of anthropomorphic, cross sectional dosimetry phantoms designed to investigate organ dose, whole body effective dose as well as verification of
delivery of therapeutic radiation doses.
ATOM is the only line of dosimetry phantoms to range in sizes from newborn to adult. Six models are available: newborn, 1‐ year, 5‐year and 10‐year old pediatric phantoms as well as adult male and female phantoms.
Each phantom is sectional in design with traditional 25 mm thick
sections. The sectional surfaces are extremely flat and smooth and do not require any special coatings or treatment. This

Radiation Oncology ATOM Dosimetry in India Verification Phantom Brachytherapy QA Phantom MRI Distortion Phantom for SRS ATOM Dosimetry Verification Phantom
results in minimal interfaces between the slabs when viewed in a scout or projection X‐ray. The ATOM line also differs from other dosimetry phantoms by providing optimized TLD locations specific to 21 inner organs. Tissue‐equivalent epoxy resins are used in all aspects of the phantom. CIRS technology offers superior tissue 
simulation Dosimetry Verification Phantoms by covering a wider range of energy levels from diagnostic to  therapeutic. In addition, all bones are homogeneous and are formulated to represent age appropriate, average  bone composition. CIRS bone formulations offer distinct advantages over natural skeletons and other types of   simulated bone.
-> Phantom models cover a wide range of patient ages
->Organ specific dosimetry with minimal detectors
-> Superior tissue simulation and lifelike imaging properties
-> Homogeneous bone
->Accommodates wide variety of detectors
Brachytherapy QA Phantom

Brachytherapy QA Phantom
A robust quality assurance prostate brachytherapy QA program is essential to ensure accurate image‐guidance and dosimetry calculations. The CIRS Model 045A, used in conjunction with the CIRS Model 053G Ultrasound Prostate Phantom, offers a complete solution for implementing a QA program specific to transrectal ultrasound used for guidance of prostate brachytherapy as recommended by AAPM Task Group 128.

MRI Distortion Phantom for SRS
CIRS Model 603A was designed for assessment of MR image distortion in Stereotactic
Radiosurgery Planning. It is also a useful tool for verifying image fusion and deformable image
registration algorithms used in various treatment planning systems. The tissue equivalent,
anthropomorphic design provides the closest conditions to a clinical imaging scenario. The
phantom can be imaged using X‐ray, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance. It
images well with all MRI sequences tested to date, including T1 weighted, T2 weighted, 3D
Time of Flight, MPRAGE and CISS.

MRI Distortion Phantom for SRS