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          Radiology QA Tools & Phantoms

ATOM MAX Dental & Diagnostic Head Phantom

The CIRS ATOM Max Dental and Diagnostic Head Phantom is a standard of reference for diagnostic radiology of the head. The phantom is designed to assist
technical and clinical staff in the selection, monitoring, training and verification of scanning parameters common to most radiological procedures requiring fine
anatomical details.

CT Dose Phantom

CT Dose Phantom
For all computed tomography systems, the Food and Drug Administration recommends measuring the CT Dose Index (CTDI). Each section of the CIRS CT Dose Phantoms can provide separate dose informa􀀑on. The user can also
measure maximum, minimum and mid‐range values of the nominal tomographic section thickness when performing dose profile measurements. Each phantom consists of a set of nesting 15 cm thick solid PMMA disks
measuring 16 cm (head) and 32 cm (body) in diameter.

ATOM MAX Dental & Diagnostic Head Phantom in India CT Dose Phantom AAPM CT Performance Dexa Phantom Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantom Radiography Fluoroscopy Diagnostic QA Radiology QA Tools & Phantoms

Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantom

Dexa Phantom

Dexa Phantom

Radiography / Fluoroscopy Phantom

Radiography / Fluoroscopy Phantom

AAPM CT Performance Phantom

The CIRS Model 610 AAPM CT Performance Phantom offers the user a single test object that measures ten distinct  CT performance parameters. The phantom design is based on the guidelines presented in Report #1 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Force on CT Scanner Phantoms. The goals of report #1 were to “(1) define ‘performance’ of a CT scanner and (2) describe methods of performance testing through utilization of particular phantoms.”

A Measurement Capabilities:
• Noise
• Size Independence
• Sensitivity / Detectability
• Radiation Dose
• Mechanical Alignment
• Spatial Uniformity
• Beam Hardening
• HU Linearity
• Slice Thickness
• Spatial Resolution and line spread function