Meditronix Corporation

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Calibration & Services

Based on the recommendation of AERB, your instrument is calibrated, once in two years from the date it was  placed in service. 

We are the only organization in India to offer complete service, repairs, recalibration for any kind or brand of  Radiation Monitoring Instrument. We are specialized and factory trained to repair Pressurized Ion Chamber survey meters. We have the required plant and machinery to repair these instruments, set the calibration factor and re‐calibrate. 

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Our state-of-the-art 'Manufacturing' involves : Brachytherapy Electrometer with Well Chamber,0.6CC Ionization Chamber & extension cables,Water Phantoms, Water Slabs (acrylic),Acrylic Patient Positioning - Base Plates and Water Bath,Prone -Pillow for Radiation Therapy, Arm Board,Prone Breast Cushion,Acrylic CT Flat Couch Top,Electron Foam Cutter,Manual Styrofoam Cutter, Alloy Melter,Cold Plates,Shielding Trays,Block Compressor & Electron Mould,Block Casting System Work Station,Tray Storage Cabinet,Block Verification Unit etc...

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