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Pelvic Positioning


Thorax & Pelvis Baseplate

A popular choice for Hip‐Pelvic
immobilization in prone and supine
position. Available in acrylic and full
carbon fibre. Indexable to any couch top. For adult and paediatric
Size: 85cm (L) x 50cm (W)

Thorax & Pelvis Baseplate

Klarity Prone Belly/Pelvis System

The Klarity Prone Pelvis/Belly System is a complete
prone treatment system for increased patient
comfort. The light weight carbon fiber baseplate is
easily transportable, and provides a secure base for
the Klarity Foam Cushions. The system is compatible
with Klarity Pelvic Masks, creating secure and
comfortable immobilization. The Klarity Prone
Pelvis/Belly System is sold as a complete system
that includes the baseplate, adjustable head
cushion, standard belly plate, pelvis cushion and leg
cushion. The small belly plate may ordered as an
additional item.

Thorax & Pelvis Baseplate Carbon Fiber in India Adjustable Head Cushion Standard Belly Plate with Foam Pelvis Leg Cushion Combi-fix Baseplate Knee Wedge & Feet Positioner Combination Elevation Blocks Leg Positioner PelvicFix™ Baseplate Thigh Spacer Shoulder Retractor

Carbon Fiber         Baseplate 

Head Cushion

Standard Belly Plate
with Foam Cushion
(Hollow 39x29cm)

Foam Pelvis Cushion

Foam Leg Cushion

Combi‐fix Baseplate 

Knee Wedge & Feet Positioner Combination 

Elevation Blocks 

Leg Positioner

PelvicFix™ Baseplate 

Thigh Spacer

Shoulder Retractor

Patient on Shoulder Retractor