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Nuclear Medicine - Radiation Monitoring

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Radiation Monitoring VF NUCLEAR

Radiation Monitoring

ASU-50 Alarm Slave Unit

• Strong acoustic and optical signaling
• Connections directly to detection device
• Configuration of features by internal DIP   switches
• Positive and negative control signal   polarity

The ASU50 alarm slave unit is intended for strong optical and acoustic alarm signaling when the thresholds limits of the parameters measured have been exceeded. The unit fulfils its function in connection with a host control system.

VF Radaition Monitoring
Nuclear Medicine Radiation Monitoring in India Ludlum 14C Survey Meter with Pancake GM Probe The Ranger Radiation Survey Meter a ß y Ludlum Contamination Monitor Model 26

LZJ-22 Local Display Unit

Main Advantages
• Wide range of connectable probes
• Userfriendly color touch screen
• Optical and acoustic signalization
• Wide range of communication interfaces

Purpose LZJ22 is a device intended for use in radiation control systems. The basic features of the device are:
• Displaying current and historical values
• Setting the parameters using the touch screen
• Local archiving of measured values from  detection devices
• Signaling of failure and nonstandard condition,   warning of persons in case of danger of   radiation hazard

Hand-Held Contamination Probes

SFP100 Standalone probes suitable for the detection of surface contamination by alpha, beta, and gamma emitting Radionuclides. The detection part of the SFP100 probe consists of a plastic scintillator, or scintillators, with a photomultiplier, able to detect alpha, beta and/or gamma surface contamination.

SPECIFICATION (Display unit)
• Dimension (H × W × D) 95 × 158 × 34 mm
• Power supply 4 pcs alkaline
• AA size mains adapter
• Detector type : scintillator
• Active area : 100 cm2
• Dimensions :
(W × H × D) 100 × 100 × 270 mm

Hand-Held Contamination Probes