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Radiation Oncology Patient Positioning Meditronix Corporation in India Klarity SBRT Klarity SBRT System R62400GF Pelvis/Belly System R620-AGF2 Cadet AIO Baseplate R612-NGF

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Klarity supplies a full range of MR Safe baseplates which comply with the carbon fiber baseplates. Klarity MR Safe baseplates are made from composite material of fiberglass and kevlar.

Item Item No. For CT or Linac Item No. MR Safe
Klarity SBRT System R62400 R62400‐GF
Prone Pelvis/Belly System R620‐ACF2 R620‐AGF2
Cadet AIO Base plate R612‐NCF R612‐NGF
OptekTM Overlay Board R630‐3SCF R630‐3SGF
Klarity Wingboard R632‐BTCF R632‐BTGF
Leg Positioner R634‐LCF R634‐LGF
Indexing Bar RE‐630E RE‐630EGF
Indexing Bar RE‐7B RE‐7BGF

         Leg Positioner

        Movable Kneefix Set

             Indexing Bar

               SBRT Board