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Radiation Oncology - Dosimetry QA Physics

Dosimetry QA Physics   
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Dosimetry Qa Physics Secondary Standard Dosimeter in India Digital Electrometer RH-DEM 0517

    Secondary Standard Dosimeter

Keeping the tradition of providing excellent products for Dosimetry, QA and patient positioning for over three   decades, Radimage Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. (Meditronix Corporation) proudly announce indigenous manufacturing of complete range of Dosimetry products, including Electrometer, Ion Chambers, Well Chamber, Water Phantoms, Ion Chamber based Area Monitors, Last Man out Switch, extension cables etc. We undertake repairs for chambers and cables of any brand. The Dosimetry System is initially checked and calibrated at BARC, Mumbai.

Radimage Digital Electrometer* 
RH-DEM 0517
Designed for Radiotherapy measurements. Its operation is simple, using a single button to start/stop and reset the measurement.
The quantity measured is charge, with a built‐in precision digital timer which helps to measure the signal current also. It has a wide measurement range extending from pico coulomb to micro coulomb thus making it useful for pinpoint dosimetry chambers, Farmer
chamber and Well type chamber for LDR & HDR Brachytherapy work. It has built‐in High
voltage supply directly applied to ionization Chamber, which can be set as ± V and ± V/2 for the evaluation of k saturation . Being indigenous and use of modular design makes the servicing and maintenance fast and economical.

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Electrometer RH-DEM0517
Charge Ranges
Three ranges, pC, nC & mC Selectable from the front panel
4½ digit LCD
(i)pC range 0-19999pC
Resolution 1pC
(ii) nC range 0-199.99nC
Resolution 0.01nC
(iii) mC range 0-19.999 mC
Resolution 0.001mC
Linearity 0.01% in all ranges
Timer Range 0-999.9 s
Resolution 0.1s
Display 4digit LED
Current measurement
Measurement of rate of charge
Start/ Stop/Reset with single switch for charge and timer
Leakage current Adjustable to less than 5 fA @ 20°C from Front Panel
Chamber Bias voltage Nominal ±300V, ±150V selectable from the front panel
Mains power 220V
Dimensions 25cm(W)X 27cm(L)X12cm(h)
Weight 2kg
*Can be supplied with ADCL USA calibration (optional) or BARC Calibration, date to be appointed by the user