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Radiation Oncology - TLD Readers

TLD Reader
• Processes all TLD dosimeters ‐ powder, chips, ribbons, pellets, disk, rods, and micro cubes, custom shapes.
• Direct contact planchet heating for best heat transfer and accuracy. 9ms response time.
Ir thermometry. Best in the industry.
• Low cost bar coded Ni‐steel planchets. Not platinum, unless specified.
• Bar coded planchet 600°C for custodial track of
dosimeters. Only one in TLD dosimetry systems.
• Planchets easily interchangeable by user simply pick one up and insert any other type in the drawer. NO VACUUMING!!!!
• Weight input from electronic balance for powder sample correlation ‐ standard PC programmable powder vibrator 0 to 25 sec.
Bar code scanner & auto N2 shut off included as standard
equipment. No hot gas heating, Save on N2 cost.

TLD Readers Automated Drawer in India Programmable Annealing Oven Full Manual Powder Dispenser Vacuum TwizerChip Planchet Barcode Disk Placket with Barcode Discs Pellets Chips Rods Ribbons

• Display digitilized glow curve and temperature profiles‐ 10 nodes available for programming time temperature heating profiles
• Unlimited configuration and calibration for any unit of
• Simple and accurate analysis. Verification for a built‐in
quality control check.
• Reference light source for real ‐ time PMT driti correction
• Dosimeter correction factor storage and automatic call ‐ up
• Internal micro processor (C/C++) RS 232 and USB
Connection PC: operator in windows XP®, NT and
windows 7 OS
• Automated drawer, PC controlled. Avoid costly Carpal ‐ tunnel workmen’s claims by operators
• Laptop or desktop control. Advanced GUI.

Programmable Annealing Oven
TLD Reader