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Radiation Oncology - Diagnostic QA Phantoms

Diagnostic QA Phantoms    
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                  IMRT Thorax Phantom

Radiation Oncology Diagnostic QA in India Phantoms IMRT Thorax Phantom Head & Torso Homogeneous Neck Phantom Cube 20 Plastic Water

IMRT Homogeneous Phantom

IMRT Head & Torso Phantom

IMRT Head & Torso Phantom

IMRT Head & Neck Phantom

IMRT Head & Neck Phantom

Cube 20 Phantom

The CIRS Model 009 Cube 20 Phantom was designed for routine QA in RT and IMRT applications where ease of use and quick set‐up are important.
The Cube 20 Phantom is manufactured from Plastic Water® DT which faithfully mimics the Linear attenuations of water within 1% from 50KeV to 15 MeV. This enables complete QA from CT image acquisitions to therapy dose verifications.

Cube 20 Phantom

MRGRT Motion Management QA Phantom

• Nonferromagnetic materials => MR safe
• Shielded for RF interferences
• Allows for positioning within magnet bore due to piezoelectric motors
• Quick setup & quick indexing to couch
• Organic shaped Organs at Risk and moving target
• Can be imaged in MRI, CT, PET and hybrid systems Ion chamber dosimetry in Liver, Kidney, Spine and moving target
• 3D tissue equivalent Spine for bone landmark

Cube 20 Phantom
Plastic Water

Plastic Water

Unlike other water equivalent plastics on the market, Plastic Water® is flexible and resists breakage under impact. Plastic Water is the only calibration material available in 1 mm thicknesses. Original Plastic Water® is the only material which agrees with true water within 0.5% above 7 MeV. Custom cavities are available to accommodate any ion chamber on the market (simply provide detailed drawings when ordering).*