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MultiFix™ AIO Baseplate R605-FCF

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One baseplate for multiple treatment options

The Klarity MultiFix™ Baseplate system is a unique patient positioning board that allows for multiple treatment options. The MultiFix™ Baseplate offers treatment options for head, head & shoulder, pelvic and full body support. Made of strong and durable carbon fiber. MultiFix™ Baseplates are lightweight, fully indexable, and compatible with all UFrame and OType masks.

Multifix AIO Base Plate

MultiFix AIO Baseplate R605-FCF in India Custom Designed AIO Rack

One baseplate for multiple treatment options

• Superior carbon fiber composition
• Light weight and durable
• Minimal attenuation
• For HeadNeckShoulder and Pelvic treatments in supine and prone position
• Engineered for negligible setup time
• CT compatible
• No use of high attenuation PU cushions in treatment areas, as they lack in reproducibility and working life
• Stand alone separate Breast Board, Prone Breast & Belly board system provide ease of flexibility while treating different patients simultaneously in multiple Linac departments
• Indexable to any couch top
• Custom design storage rack available for each individual order.

Klarity Prone Breast System