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Head & Neck Positioning


'Universal'Head & Neck Base Plate

A unique base plate for positioning of Head‐Neck‐Shoulder
using Klarity ‘O’ Type precuts and uniframes. Features a cutout area below the head to accommodate any kind of head rest (Carbon Fibre or Silverman or TIMO) or Prone Head Holder. Fixation slots for adult and paediatric Patients. Indexable to any couch top.

Patient markings and centre line are standard features in all base plates.

Head-Neck Base Plate Multifix™ in India Cushion with Indexing Plate for Breast Board Carbon Fibre Head Rest A-F Silverman Low Density TIMO Polyurathene Timo set of six A-F withWedges

Multifix™ Tilting
Head Baseplate

Multifix™ Lateral
Head Support

Multifix™ Supine
Head Baseplate

Multifix™ Prone
Head Support

Prone Head Cushion
with Indexing Plate
for Breast Board

Carbon Fibre Head Rests

The head rests are constructed to meet the requirements demanded by many customers. They are produced in only 0.4mm carbon material.
These head rests will give you improved performance compared to the conventional products. Low absorption through the material and a very stable position of the patient. Six different shapes A, B, C, D, E, F. They can be made compatible to your existing base plates.

All head rest have different elevation contours to suit treatments requirements and are marked from ‘A’ to ‘F’, for ease of identification.
No need of elevation wedges below head rest, this is a single piece solution.

Silverman Head Rests (A‐F) Low Density

Silverman Head Rests (A‐F)
Low Density

TIMO Head Rests (A‐F) Polyurathene

TIMO Head Rests (A‐F)

Klarity AccuCushions

Timo (set of six; A‐F) with
Wedges 2,3,4 cm and 9°, 13.5°, 18°