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Nuclear Medicine - PET Hot Cell Fume Hoods

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Main Advantages

Shielding of the workplace for working with ionizing Radiation sources. High level automation
• Maintaining a safe dose rate in the space attended by personnel Minimizing the radiation release hazard
• Backup power supply for safety related elements
• Multiplecell configuration including intercell connecting passages Optional technical equipment and specialized tools
• Dose rate measurements inside and outside the Hot

PET Hot Cell Fume Hoods in India Nuclear Medicine


The Hot Cell (HC) is intended for the safe handling of sealed radioactive sources up to a total activity of 2 000 TBq of 60Co as standard. Typical activities include the reloading of sealed radioactive source (SRS) from one container to another container, uploading/unloading/reloading irradiators, acceptance tests of new SRS, status test and constancy test of SRS, handling SRS after the expiration of a certificate, and more. The basic concept of the Hot Cell is determined by its purpose, ie. the required inner dimensions of the cell modes of handling containers outside and their transport to the Hot Cell, and connected technological installations. The configuration of the Hot Cell comprises utensils and tools for the respective work with SRS as standard. They are special purpose handling devices, technical gas distribution systems, laboratory fixtures, and the like.

The particular spatial layout and equipment configuration of the workplace are made to the customer's specifications and addressed in detail during the design stage. Upon request, we can also deliver a multiplecell configuration for parallel work in several workplaces installed next to each other.

The main components of the Hot Cell are: Operator's console with display and controls panel
• Camera system
• Mechanical manipulators with working adapters
• allowing working with radiators inside the chamber from the outside Workbench for every type of work and stand
• for the container Specialized automated cutting,  welding or soldering.
• Devices and others specialized machines and tools for mechanical for the mechanical treatment of sources and capsules Temporary storage for sources, embedded
• in a concrete wall, shielded by lead Intercell passages for multiplecell configuration
• allowing move of unshielded sources Instruments for the inspection of capsule seal
• integrity, identification of a capsule´s physical properties and the determination of activity Instruments for the identification of radionuclides
• and determination of activity Additional preparations and utensils (laboratory dishes, stands and more) Cranes and conveyors for handling of transport
• container Airflow control system with HEPA filter and dose rate
• monitoring Radiation monitoring system with local display unit.

PET Hot Cell Fume Hoods in India Nuclear Medicine