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  Positioning & Immobilization Products
  Head & Neck Positioning
  Linac Couch Extension
  Optek Base Plate, Head Rest
  Prone, Tilt and Lateral Base Plate
  Breast & Thorax Positioning
  Treatment Brassieres, Treatment Chair
Abdomen & Pelvic Positioning
  Vacuum Cushions & accessories
  Total Solution Package
  Thermoplastic Sheets
  Digital Water Bath
  Multipurpose Base Plate, CT Couch Top
Custom Blocking
  Computerised Hot Wire Cutter & Milling System
  Manual Styrofoam Cutter
  Electron Foam Cutter
  Flat Foam for Photons & Electrons
  Alloy Melter , Low & Medium Melt Alloy, Cooling Plates, Block Holder & Electron Molds
  Block Casting System, Work Station, Tray Storage Cabinet
  Block Verification Unit, Tissue Compensators
Dosimetry / Physics / QA
  ARM-3D Radiation Field Analyser
  Fluke 35040 Secondary Standard Dosimeter
  Ionisation Chambers, Plastic Water & Water Phantoms
Daily Check Device, GARD System
  In-vivo Dosimetry – mobileMOSFET
  Survey Meters-1
  Survey Meters-2
  IMRT Phantom
  RIT IMRT QA Software
  MU Check IMRT Validation Software
  TLD Reader
  Moving Lasers
  Fixed Lasers, Iso Align Device
  Cobalt MLC
  Radiosurgery Systen
  Neurosurgery Systen
  Electrometer & Well Chamber, Digital Area Monitor, Lead Mobile Barrier, Source Trolley
  HDR QA Phantom, Indexing Rods, Applicators
  Gold Markers
  Patient Markers
  Tungsten Eye Shield, Testicle Shield, Lead Blocks
  Pocket Dosimeter & Bleeper, Contour Wire, Barometer & Thermometer
  Bolus, Rectal Marker, Vaginal Dilator, Body Caliper
Diagnostic Radiology
  QA Tools – Fluke TNT 12000, Nero mAx 8000
  Rad Check Plus, X-ray Test Device Model 4000 M+, Micro-R Meter, KvP Meter
  Digital mAs Meter, Digital Densitometer, Sensitometer, Contact Mesh
  Collimator/Beam Alignment Test Tool, Grid Alignment Test Tool, Star Patterns
  Diagnostic QA Phanotms
  Diagnostic QA Phanotms - A
  Diagnostic QA Phanotms - B
  Diagnostic QA Phanotms - C
  Diagnostic QA Phanotms - D
  Imaging Table
  Imaging Tables - Sound Pro Combination Table
  Imaging Tables - Surgical C-ARM Table
  Imaging Tables - New Econo Echocardiography / Ultrasound Table
  Imaging Tables - Urology / Brachytherapy C-Arm Table
  Imaging Tables - Biodex Echo Pro Table

Nuclear Medicine
    Dose Calibrators
    Wipe Test Counter
  Thyroid Uptake System
  Syringe Shields
  Dose Shipping Systems 1
  Dose Shipping Systems 2
  Safety Cabinets
  QA Phantoms, Sources & Barriers
  Survey Meters 1
  Survey Meters 2
  Radioaerosol Administration System, Positioning Wedges

    E.N.T. - Servox Speech Aid Devices
    E.N.T. - Audiometer & Rhinometer
    E.N.T. - Spirometer

    Physiotherapy - Electro, Ultrasound, Laser & Megneto Therapy
    Physiotherapy - Combination, Shortwave, Microwave & Traction Therapy
    Physiotherapy - Hydrotherapy, Shockwave, Heat & Six Section Therapy



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